“European Diversity, a way towards learning” is a Project of 5 European schools originated from the idea of promoting our students´ ability to develop their social component through their active participation in an interpersonal context. This project enables each school community to reach out and establish social relationships with schools in different countries.  Continued social contact between participating communities will create a new context for learning with an added benefit of developing the students’ social and communicative skills.

Many of our students are unaware of the social, cultural, artistic and environmental tradition of both their own nation and neighbouring ones.  The objective of this program is to improve students’ knowledge of these subjects and therefore foster a respectful attitude promoting the preservation of each regional heritage as well as develop a European awareness. Additionally, the program will impart an understanding of the natural environment thus encouraging ecological consciousness.  Finally, the use of foreign languages and ICTs correspond perfectly with our syllabus objectives.

They will produce slides, presentations, cds, dvds, videos, photos, accompanied by their explanatory guides. The best pieces of works for each subject will be uploaded to a website especially created for the project and they will be part of a DVD which will be used to disseminate and promote our goals and achievements including its use as a teaching resource.